Malaysia Footwear Design Center


•  Enhance originality & creativity of designers
•  Improve footwear industry competitiveness
•  Provide design platform for footwear designers
•  Assist the footwear industry to have consistently accurate shoe designs


CAD/CAM facilities

From Torielli®, Italy

  • Scanny 3D
  • 2D Digitizer Tablet 
  • “Shoemaster” Creative Software
  • “Shoemaster” Power Software

From Switzerland

  • ZUND Cutting Machine


Benefits to Footwear Industry

•  Enhance footwear R&D technology level
•  Effectively develop design concept
•  Professional design presentation
•  Faster sample development
•  Cost saving
•  Optimize shoe patterns accuracy
•  Quick design & modification of shoe patterns
•  Reduced number of physical samples


Services Provided

•  Last Digitizing
•  3D Designing
•  Digital Modeling
•  Pattern Cutting
•  Pattern Grading